The Benefits of Dressing in Modest Clothing

Published: 05th March 2010
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A Christian woman is a representative of sorts of Jesus Christ here on earth, and of God. The way that a Christian woman speaks, acts, and dresses all reflect on the kind of person that she is and upon her character, and from there reflect upon the type of community she comes from, including her family and her church. A good Christian woman knows that her choices in clothing are extremely important, and that the way she looks sends an important message to the rest of the world. If you want yourself and your viewpoints to be respected, you must appear at all times to be respectable.

When a woman dresses immodestly, she calls attention to herself and to her body, and her words, no matter how wise, are more likely to be disregarded. She may also be considered a loose or immoral woman if her dress is immodest. It is not the place of a good Christian woman to arouse the lusts and attentions of the men around her, and immodest dress can put a good Christian woman in a difficult position if misunderstandings about her morality arise.

The clothing of a good and modest Christian woman should cover her breasts entirely, and skirts should be long enough to offer complete coverage of private areas while walking and sitting. Whether further coverage is required or necessary depends entirely on the woman and her community, but there is nothing wrong with going about comfortably covered.

Being a modest dresser does not mean looking unattractive or hiding your femininity from the world, but rather means that you do not put yourself forward or tempt the men around you with the way that you clothe yourself. For example, a good Christian woman can be perfectly comfortable in a fitted dress as long as it provides plenty of coverage. This kind of dress can be flattering and attractive without being seductive or inappropriate.

A large part of modesty, especially in a physical sense, is humility, which is something that is prized and exalted within the Christian community. When we can be truly humble before God, we are a positive example for our community and for the rest of the world. A woman who is capable of dressing modestly and setting a good example for those around her is a perfect example of what Christians should be in a world of increasing immorality.

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